Transform your patio into an outdoor dining area

by Hassan Amiri 06/16/2024

Metal outdoor chairs

If you’re interested in making mealtime more memorable and also getting more out of your outside living space, you might consider an outdoor dining area. Add a breath of fresh air into the mix by dining and cooking in the great outdoors. Here are some tips for arranging a backyard dining setup for ultimate outdoor enjoyment. 

Add shelter to shield against the elements 

When planning your outdoor dining space, consider the weather and the position of the yard. Avoid areas receiving most midday sun. If your dining area is close to the house, a simple outdoor umbrella may suffice. If you need more coverage, consider building a gazebo. This adds a large structure to shelter against sun and rain. 

Examine the location of your outdoor dining space 

You can transfer food and drinks easily by building your dining areas close to the kitchen. However, do take precaution with the proximity of outdoor grills. Proper space will prevent accidental fires. 

When setting up your dining table, try not to place it too close to a neighbor's property or directly underneath a bedroom window. Be mindful of privacy and be considerate of noise levels. 

Make your dining space pop with garden design 

Enjoy outdoor dining to the fullest with a charming garden design. If you enjoy butterflies and would like to add a splash of color, try planting Phlox, Butterfly Bush, Bluestar or other plants butterflies love. 

If you enjoy artwork, small stone statues are a great addition. These statues can be of people or animals and will bring a sense of animation and life to the space. Statues also are a great topic of conversation.

An herb garden is a great idea if you would like to have fresh herbs for your meals. Adding plants that complement other decor elements is sure to enrich the experience! 

Plan out your tablescape 

Spice up your dining table this season with a one-of-a-kind tablescape. Create a pleasant vibe by adding cloth to your outdoor dining table. The cloth can match your overall aesthetic. If you prefer bright shades, try a bold tablecloth. If you have a simplistic vibe, try neutral tones.

Organize your table based on what it will be used for. If you intend to have dinner parties, allow room for plates, food, and guests to stretch out during their meal.  If the table is being used mostly for chatting and a few snacks, you can fill up the place with more centerpieces. This will help to enhance the overall aesthetic and can be a talking point for guests. 

Let the center of the table be the focal point. Play with the aesthetic by adding candles, wood pieces and plants to create a cozy, earthy vibe. Surround the table with dining chairs made of sling fabric or other easily cleaned materials for easy maintenance. 

Infographic about desining an outdoor dining space

The same warmth found in the kitchen and dining areas can be extended onto your patio or deck. Create a beautiful outdoor dining set to make the most of your patio. Kick back with your favorite relaxing activity and enjoy your backyard space.